With our high-end CNC machines and an abundance of skilled workforce, Valwell is able to provide customers with high-quality OEM metal, steel and special alloy components to global manufacturers. From day one, we have been focused on quality excellence. From engineering to the production, inspection, and distribution of our products, we ensure that your precision-machined parts are made to your specifications, on time, every time. Our rigorous in-process inspection and efficient production plan ensure accuracy and reliability.



Our coverage extends to a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, shipbuilding, and aerospace companies.

Manufacturing Industry
  • Duplex Filter Body and Parts
  • Industrial Strainer
  • Hardware Parts
  • Valve Body and Parts
  • Industrial Pump Body & Parts
Shipbuilding Industry
  • Marine Parts
  • Ship Screw
Aerospace Industry
  • Helicopter Components
  • Airplane Components

Valwell accept a variety of materials for manufacturing parts and components. Please contact us for more details.