Our Advantages
Valve Experience
Over 35 years of engineering, manufacturing valves. We are very experienced and skilled.
High Quality
Products are made in Taiwan with high quality. Safety is priceless. We do not put our clients at risk. Our valve wall thickness complies with ASME or EN or JIS standards, NO CUTTING CORNERS!
Customer Support
From inquiries to service, you will find our response is quick and supportive.
Zero Leakage
All our valves passed leakage test, and ZERO LEAKAGE is guaranteed.
Your Benefits
Because of our insistence on quality, customers will only receive good quality products.
Designed and tested according to ASME or EN or JIS standards, plus 100% leakage test before release. Valwell valves offer the lowest risk.
Valwell is committed to providing high-quality and durable valves so you have less downtime and the lowest cost of ownership.