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Precision Investment Casting Foundry
Foundry includes an investment casting division, and a Die-casting division. The building area is 10,000 square meters. The capacity of investment casting is 1800 tons a year. For The Investment Casting Division, we produce castings with lost wax process. We have sold the products to USA, Germany, UK, Canada , China ,and domestic market of Taiwan. Main materials available include Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Stellite, and Aluminum Alloy. Maximum capacity recently is 150 tons per month .In the division we have one set of 500 tons Squeeze Casting machine to fulfill our developing needs of Aluminum propellers. And have a developing plan for this division step by step. Our engineering team service customers with their strong technique background and over than 15 years of experience in casting related field. We currently focus on OEM market worldwide. Main products currently include Propellers, Valves and valve components, Our purpose is to supply high quality products with professional service and swift delivery to fulfill customers' requirements.
Main Products Delivery To
Main Equipment
  • 500Tons Squeeze Casting Machine: 1 set
  • 2 operation wax injection machine: 4 sets
  • Wax injection machine: 2 sets
  • Dewax& recycle equipment: 1 set
  • VIPIF furnace: 2 sets
  • Shell sintering furnace: 2 set
  • Sand/Shotblasting machine: 8 set
  • Argon arc welding machine: 2 set
  • SpectroLabSpectrometer: 2 set
  • Pickling and Passivationline: 1
  • Lath: 2 sets
  • CNC Lath: 1 set
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: 1 set
  • Balancing Machine: 2 sets
PED Certificate
TRD100 Certificate
Investment Casting Process
1.Tooling Design
2.Tooling Making
3.Wax Injection
4.Wax Assembly
8.Melting & Pouring

NDT Personnel Qualified NO. : PQ-KD-254 / PQ-KB-116

Welders and Welding / Brazing Procedures are Qualified : WPQ-01 / QW-350 / WPQ-02 / QW-350

Degassing Test in Laboratory
Degassing Advantage